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Brothers in life and business discuss technology & cybersecurity from their East and West coast perspectives. Scott Schober and Craig Schober are brothers running a 50 year old family business (Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc.) that specializes in wireless security, safety, test and cybersecurity products. Together, they have introduced dozens of top selling wireless products used worldwide by government, military, corporate and law enforcement facilities. Scott regularly appears in front of the camera and audiences for hundreds of events, webinars and interviews for top news networks as a cybersecurity and wireless technology expert. Craig spends his time behind the camera as an accomplished filmmaker, editor, writer and marketer for both personal and professional projects.Together, they have authored 3 top selling cybersecurity books, hundreds of blogs and many technical white papers adopted by the wireless industry.

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Monday Aug 07, 2023

Parents are using AirTags to keep track of their kids, but it could stop them from learning important habits
8 million people hit by data breach at US govt contractor Maximus
New SEC Rules Require U.S. Companies to Reveal Cyber Attacks Within 4 Days
Putting a price on privacy: Ending police data purchases

Monday Jul 24, 2023

Man uses an Apple AirTag to track down stolen motorcycle to Chicago alley
Tax preparers shared personal data with Meta, Google: Senate report
Typo directs millions of US military emails to Mali by mistake
White House Unveils Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Smart Devices
Kevin Mitnick Interviewed at 2017 Cyber Investing Summit

Monday Jul 03, 2023

8Base ransomware gang escalates double extortion attacks in June
Over 100,000 Stolen ChatGPT Account Credentials Sold on Dark Web Marketplaces
Over 100,000 Stolen ChatGPT Account Credentials Sold on Dark Web Marketplaces

Monday May 29, 2023

City of Dallas shut down IT services after ransomware attack
ChatGPT-Themed Scam Attacks Are on the Rise
Apple and Google are working together to limit AirTag stalking
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Monday Nov 21, 2022

European authorities warned FIFA World Cup attendees against downloading the official tournament app named Hayya as well as the healthcare app Ehteraz. The two apps may collect location data without permission.
Nonprofit organization is suing the state of Massachusetts on behalf of thousands of low-income families who were collectively robbed of more than a $1 million in food assistance benefits by card skimming devices secretly installed at cash machines and grocery store checkout lanes across the state.
Nokia has stated that contrary to popular belief, 5G technology will make cyberattacks more common. Four years after 5G technology was widely released, 7 in 10 companies are reporting cyberattacks.
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Monday Nov 07, 2022

Twitter Verified Status Users Flooded with Scams
Vodafone Italy discloses data breach after reseller hacked
Dropbox discloses unauthorized access to 130 GitHub source code repositories
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Monday Oct 03, 2022

Scott and Craig discuss the following headlines:Crypto-Thieves Cost Victims 53 Times What They Make
NSA Cyber Specialist, Army Doctor Charged in US Spying Cases
Fast Company shuts website after hack sends 'obscene' Apple News notifications
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Monday Jul 25, 2022

Scott and Craig discuss building materials giant Knauf hit by Black Basta ransomware gang, Unpatched GPS Tracker Bugs Could Let Attackers Disrupt Vehicles Remotely, Russian Hackers Tricked Ukrainians with Fake "DoS Android Apps to Target Russia” and Cyber Tip of the Week involving Crypto scams via PayPal. This episode is sponsored by

Monday Jul 18, 2022

This week, Scott and Craig discuss "Leaked Audio From 80 Internal TikTok Meetings Shows That US User Data Has Been Repeatedly Accessed From China", "new Android malware has been downloaded over 3 million times and still found on the Google Play Store" and "Florida waitress cons 99-year-old for nearly $600k to spend on vacations" as well as the cyber tip of the week. This episode is sponsored by

Monday Jun 27, 2022

Scott and Craig discuss Ukrainian cybersecurity officials disclose two new hacking campaigns, Europol Busts Phishing Gang Responsible for Millions in Losses and Facebook phishing campaign that breached millions of accounts is still active even after its discovery. Our cyber tip of the week is all about phishing. 
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